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Liebeslieder an deine Tante

How Sebastian Krämer knows your aunt is a good question. And if he knows her, why he dedicates love songs to her of all things, maybe an even better one. You don't have an aunt? Or she has recently passed away?

SEBASTIAN KRÄMER © Christian Biadacz

Well, that would at least explain the despair that speaks from some of these pieces, the helplessness, the melancholy. Or the abstruse humor that Krämer doesn't seem to plan, that comes upon us like fate, when we already wouldn't have thought it possible.

These chansons don't want to "give courage", don't have slogans or even recommendations for shaping a better world at hand. We are not dealing here with purposeful criticism of the existing conditions. But with the attempt to find and release the carefully packed pain in the listener, because he belongs to the few that still shows him his own vitality in the midst of his very personal zombie apocalypse. The bizarre beauty of Krämer's verses and harmonies is in league with that pain. And with your aunt ...

The album "Liebeslieder an deine Tante" was honored with the German Record Critics Award 2021, which went to chansons for the first time. During this concert, Sebastian Krämer will be ceremoniously presented with the award.

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