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Digital Accessibility Declaration of the Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH

Berlin & Kongress GmbH strives to make its web presence or mobile application barrier-free. The declaration on digital accessibility is required by the Berlin Act on Accessible Information and Communication Technology (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility are derived from BITV 2.0.

This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website

In the top navigation area of this website under "Barrier" you will find additional offers in German Sign Language and in plain language and there is also an option to have the contrast adjusted.

Creation of this accessibility statement 

This declaration was created or last revised on 15/03/2024.

The statements in this declaration were last reviewed on 10/07/2023.

An external expert opinion was commissioned to check the technical accessibility of the website.

How accessible is the website?

This website is only partially accessible. It partially fulfils the requirements stipulated in BITV 2.0.

Which areas are not barrier-free? 

The areas listed below are not accessible for the following reasons:

Unreasonably high level of effort

There are sub-sections that are as yet not accessible. The reason for this is, among other things, an unreasonably high level of effort in accordance with Section 4 para. 3 of the BIKTG Bln owing to the complexity and size of the website. We are continuously working on implementing and, more specifically, improving accessibility. Barrier-free design is always taken into account during planning, development, tendering and procurement stages, especially for extensions and revisions.

  1. Sub-section: Videos 

Currently, subtitles and transcription are still missing for some videos embedded on the website or cannot be switched on and off directly on the website. If the video is opened and played directly on, subtitles and transcription can be displayed.

Unfortunately, a full audio description is not available, but the visual information that is essential for understanding has been provided with a text alternative. Revising the audio description for all older videos would involve a unreasonably high level of effort.

  1. Sub-section: PDF documents 

Some PDF documents are currently partially inaccessible. All new PDF documents are created as barrier-free versions, older documents are replaced or deleted.

  1. Sub-section: Alternative texts

Teaser images do not feature their own alt attribute. The CMS system used does not offer the option of assigning teaser images their own alt attribute.

No use case

This content does not fall within the scope of the Barrier-free ICT Act Berlin.

Exceptions that do not have to be barrier-free (due to the BIKTG Bln, Section 4 paragraph 4)

  1. PDF documents that were published before 23 September 2020
  2. Content from third parties that is neither financed nor developed by Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH, nor subject to its control

Feedback mechanism/Report barriers 

Would you like to report information on the implementation of accessibility or existing barriers? Are you experiencing difficulties perceiving, using or understanding something on our website or mobile application? Do you need information in a barrier-free form? Then please let us know

Contact the contact person of the public body: 

You can send us your feedback on accessibility using the "Report a barrier" form or by emailing

Contacting Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility(enforcement procedure)

If you are unable to contact the public body, have not received a response within 1 month or the response was inadequate, you can contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility and initiate enforcement proceedings.

Please always remember to contact the public body concerned first!

Link to the contact form:

Your point of contact -

Find out more information about the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility:

State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility -