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Accessible Berlin

Exploring in your own way: Making your Berlin trip an accessible experience

Barrier-free sightseeing with wheelchair at Berliner Dom
Exploring Berlin with a wheel chair visitBerlin, Foto: Andi Weiland/

Accessible Berlin

Free and independent through Berlin - free according to your ideas and independent of all restrictions. This is how your experience of the capital should be.
On our website we have compiled leisure tips for wheelchair users, blind and visually impaired guests, cognitively impaired people as well as for deaf and hearing-impaired guests.

How can we at visitBerlin help you experience accessible Berlin?

  • We provide reliable information for activities and services checked for accessibility.
  • We have developed standards for accessibility that consider the needs of as many people as possible.
  • We are Tourism for All partners and, among other things, evaluate accessibility in Berlin’s hotels and attractions.
  • On our website, we bring together our partners’ offers for accessible services in Berlin. Through our free accessBerlin app, we explicitly make the city accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, from arrival in the city to information on events for people with disabilities.
  • On our website, we present tips for things to do for visitors who are wheelchair users, visually impaired or blind, or hard of hearing or deaf.

Our sightseeing tips for enjoying accessible Berlin

Admire marvels of cultural heritage on Berlin’s Museum Island, enjoy the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square, take a selfie at Brandenburg Gate – things every Berlin visitor does!

Many museums, attractions and sights are fully accessible for visitors.  We have put together all the important details for you.

Supporting your accessible stay in Berlin

Our website will give you more information about how you can travel to Berlin and be out and about in the city, without any obstructions. Here you will find out which top tourist attractions are open to all visitors and the cultural treasures you can look forward to.

Tips on accessible restaurants and shopping districts, will round off your trip to Berlin.

Barrierefreies Hotelzimmer

Accessible hotels in Berlin

Our accessible hotels have been certified under the Reisen für Alle (Travel for All) nationwide certification scheme. The certification system is based on high quality criteria to provide you with reliable information on accessible accommodation.

See hotel

Out and about in accessible Berlin

5 reasons why we at visitBerlin are committed to an accessible Berlin:

  1. Travelling to Berlin represents a particular challenge for nearly seven million people in Germany and almost 50 million people across Europe.
  2. With our societies ageing, there is a growing need for accessibility.
  3. Accessibility is also a plus for families, since a child’s buggy or stroller takes roughly the same space as a wheelchair.
  4. We believe that accessibility increases comfort and convenience for all – for Berlin’s residents as well as its visitors.
  5. As Germany’s capital and the top city destination in the country, we want to set standards and provide a model for others to follow.

Berlin – Accessibility Tested

From events for people with disabilities to wheelchair accessible hotel rooms. Over 90 tourist service providers, including partner hotels, cultural institutions, transport services, restaurants, pubs and cafes as well as all Berlin Tourist Info Centres are currently providing information through analogue and digital channels on “their accessibility” under the nationwide certification scheme Tourism for All. We are constantly working to add new service providers to this list.

Tourism for All

6 things to know about Tourism for All

  1. The Tourism for All scheme supports your holiday planning. Since our partners make their checked services public, they ensure you can find reliable information even in the run-up to planning your accessible visit to Berlin.
  2. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs promotes the Tourism for All scheme to improve accessible travel across the entire tourist service chain, i.e., from information on accessible travel to Berlin, your stay here, and feedback on your experience.
  3. Tourism for All aims to provide high-quality tourism services checked for accessibility and with transparent information standards.
  4. The Tourism for All scheme is driven by the realisation that accessible tourism is essential for 10% of the population, helpful for 40% and convenient for everyone.
  5. Tourism for All aims to ensure the equal and independent participation in tourism for everybody.
  6. In setting this objective, Tourism for All builds on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sightseeing in Berlin with and without disabilities

In 2013, Berlin was honoured with the European Commission’s Access City award. In particular, the European Commission praised the city’s public transport system and accessible new buildings.

Unfortunately, you may still find some obstacles in some areas –  such as cobblestones or construction sites on your way to the next attraction. That’s when sightseeing can quickly become less than a pleasure – for people in wheelchairs, or with a walking aid, walking stick or white cane, people on crutches or parents out with a pram or buggy.

visitBerlin wants to help you with your planning and your stay in the city. We have put together tips and recommendations for visitors to Berlin with limited mobility, who are partially sighted or hard of hearing, and also provide information in simple language.

After all, Berlin wants to be accessible for everyone.

Berlin, accessible to all 2020

Berlin was chosen by the EU Commission in 2013 as a “Barrier-free city” and won against 99 other cities throughout Europe.

In particular, it was the public transport and barrier-free new buildings that received praise from the EU.

The Senate Administration for Urban Development and Protection of the Environment concerns itself all the more with the requirements associated with a barrier-free city. You will find more information in the Short film.

visitBerlin constantly strives to make information on the German capital accessible to all visitors to Berlin. We will further enhance our offer and would be happy if you could support us with this.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions to improve the barrier-free website of visitBerlin to!

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