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Accessible Events

Events without hurdles

Berlin was chosen as a “accessible city” by the EU Commission in 2013. Thus you can visit many events unassisted if you have a physical disability. The permanent exhibitions “Staatssicherheit in der SED-Diktatur” (State Security in the SED Dictatorship) at the Stasi museum, “The Story of Berlin” in a nuclear shelter or “Alltag Zwangsarbeit 1938-1945” (Daily Life of Forced Labourers 1938-1945) at the Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit (Documentation centre of Nazi forced labour) are just three events that are accessible. What’s more, you can also participate in many other events that take place all through the year. An annual highlight is the Parieté-Gala, which is organised by the Pfefferberg Theater.