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Testimonies of political persecution 1945-89

After prior registration, visitors will receive a one-hour time slot between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., starting on the hour for the permanent exhibition and on the last quarter of the hour for the special exhibition.

Admission is free.

The permanent exhibition "Imprisoned in Hohenschönhausen: testimonies of political persecution 1945 to 1989" shows around 500 rare exhibits and more than 300 historical photos on 700 square metres. In addition, 100 media stations are available to visitors. The exhibition focuses on the experiences of the victims during their detention in Hohenschönhausen.

For the first time, the offices of the former prison administration will also be shown. An own exhibition area informs about the working and living environment of the prison staff. An audio guide is available from the memorial's visitor service.

In a 360-degree virtual reality film, the viewer himself becomes a prisoner. The short film is based on the interrogation protocols of the GDR dissident and writer Jürgen Fuchs. On a virtual journey into the past, the viewer experiences interrogations and everyday life in the Stasi prison. He meets security guards, interrogators and cell mates.
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