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Cycling at the Müggelsee in Berlin

Top 11 bike tours in and around Berlin

Finally spring and sunshine - and that makes us want to go cycling. You too? Then get on the saddle: Here are our Top 11 bike tours through and around Berlin. We have put together tours of the countryside, to the water and on the traces of Berlin's history. So you get to know Berlin from a different angle - cycling.

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Berlin Blogger: visitBerlin-Blogger unter

Berlin Blogger

Fans of fine dining, recreational sports nuts, dog lovers: our guest bloggers see Berlin from their own, completely different perspective. Read for yourself and see where they take us.

Berlin Blogger: visitBerlin-Blogger unter


came to Berlin to study in 2015 and has remained until today. The best thing about Berlin is that the city is always changing and there is always something new to discover. She has many favourite places in Berlin and more are to follow. In her spare time, she loves to explore new restaurants, cafés and food markets - and the list is long.

Kristin: visitBerlin-Bloggerin unter


doesn't smile on fotos. But in real life she enjoys with a smile in her face Berlin's rich cultural life - the metropolis both in front of and behind the scenes. Her favourite season is the Berlinale, the she spends 10 days watching movies and writing about them in the blog.

Maxi: visitBerlin Blogger for


Kentucky, Paris, Lisbon. These are just a few stops on this globetrotter's journey, but only one city has been able to conquer her heart fully: Berlin, of course, because nowhere else can you cycle along a canal in the evening sun and swing over the rooftops where the Iron Curtain once divided the city. Exploring the city with open eyes: that's her mission for the blog.

Verena: visitBerlin Blogger for


lived already in Kiel, Düsseldorf, San Francisco and Gothenburg, but she was always sure she would return to her hometown Berlin. And she is going to stay a while. For the blog she is exploring the food scene of Berlin and looking for the best hummus in town (besides her own homemade hummus).

Berlin Blogger: visitBerlin-Blogger unter


moved to Berlin in year 2010-originally just temporary. But even though she was just a child then, she fel in love with the city and talked her family into staying. Now the native Czech feels at home in the capital. She appreciates especially the multiculturalism in Berlin.

Berlin Blogger: visitBerlin-Blogger unter


loved heading to visit relatives in Berlin when she was a little girl. She's been living in Berlin since 2012, but the "What do I want to see, do, experience" list never seems to get shorter. Breakfast and brunch have become one of her greatest passions. It can be a simply gorgeous to make your way across the city from café to café.

Susanne: visitBerlin Blogger for


and Berlin share a common biography that goes back many years: a childhood surrounded by grey walls, adolescence marked with dancing in backyards and basements, and laid-back cosmopolitanism in recent years. Home for her is right in the heart of Pankow. Even if her years of experience tell her that there's nothing that you can't find in Berlin, she finds herself being surprised again and again.

Berlin Blogger: visitBerlin-Blogger unter


has lived her entire life in Berlin. Travel is her favourite hobby, but she only feels fully at home in the German capital. She has a fondness for good food in combination with a delicious glass of wine and is therefore passionate about trying new restaurants. She finds the many facets of Berlin particularly fascinating. Whether shopping, relaxing, or action, Berlin has something to offer for everyone.

Dagmar: visitBerlin Blogger for


is an archaeologist who has worked on Mayan sites in Central America. After ten years, she left the world of the Maya for a life in Berlin and found that the city a rich place for field research as well. She has fallen in love with Berlin's cultural treasures. Whether alone or with her children, she loves to be out and about in the city, taking the time to look deeper and turn over a stone here and there.

Tobias: visitBerlin Blogger for


ust moved to Berlin in June 2012, but it quickly became clear: Berlin - je t'aime! The infinite number of restaurants and cafés in the city has shown lots of love; after all the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. As a cake fan, he has a clear mission: find the best cake in town! He writes about his experiences in the city that go beyond his sweet tooth in his blog.

Sarah: visitBerlin Blogger for


is proud to be a Berliner, born and raised! She loves travelling around the world, but home's always Berlin. She also spends a lot of time doing her two favourite activities: photography and cycling. She loves exploring unfamiliar aspects of the city with her racing bike “Pepe” and she's always looking for quiet oases in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle.

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