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Top 11 Minigolf Courses in Berlin

Fun for the whole family

GettyImages, Bild: Westend61

Regardless of the weather and time of day, minigolf is a great way to test your skill and feel for the ball. Whether on green outdoor minigolf courses or in indoor black-light minigolf facilities that transport you into colourful themed worlds. Minigolf is the perfect leisure activity for the whole family. We have compiled our top 11 for you in this blog.

Tip 1: Citygolf Berlin

Young people play mini golf
Miniature golf course GettyImages, Foto: kali9

A trip to Citygolf Berlin is definitely worthwhile! In the outdoor area you can play on 18 different courses. On the upper floor of the building you'll find three creative minigolf courses that you can adjust individually. Can you manage to hole the ball in all 50 variations? For a little more peace and quiet, there are board and parlour games in the pavilions and a small café called "Golferia" where you can get something to eat. 

Where: Wittenberger Str. 50, Marzahn

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Tip 2: Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin

Minigolf Getty Images, Foto: Katrin Sauerwein / EyeEm

Berlin's first black light minigolf course is located in the middle of Görlitzer Park. UV colours transform the former station building into a fantasy world. You can play as long as you like on 18 individually and artistically designed holes. You can also celebrate children's birthdays at Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin. Tip: Wear white shirts - then you'll really shine!

Where: Görlitzer Str. 1, Kreuzberg

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Tip 3: Nature Art Minigolf at Tempelhofer Feld

Nuture Mini Art Golf Tempelhofer Feld mini golf
Nuture Mini Art Golf Berlin visitBerlin, Foto: Janine Blechschmidt; Janine Blechschmidt

Art meets sport at Nature Art Minigolf. At the former Tempelhof Airport, 18 interactive works of art cover an area of 1800 square metres. The courses created by international artists glow, move, make sounds, spit water, act and react.
In doing so, they address the crucial questions of the future about energy, resources, climate and sustainability. Since April, there are two new tracks, so don't miss them!

Where: Columbiadamm 79, Tempelhof

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Tip 4: Minigolf at Gemeindepark Lankwitz

Miniature golf course
Family plays mini golf GettyImages, Foto: Maskot

In the south of Berlin lies a dreamy park with plenty of space to relax and play. The ten-hectare park has spacious meadows and a large park pond with water birds. Playgrounds, sports fields and a minigolf course enrich the offer. Once you've holed out on all 18 holes, it's worth visiting the animal enclosure, which is open to the public free of charge. Here you can see fallow deer, sheep and goats, among others.

Where: Paul-Schneider-Straße 52-58, Steglitz

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Tip 5: Laserstar Magic Golf Minigolf

Happy friends at the rooftop doing high five
Getty Images, Foto: Martin Dimitrov

The magic of 4D minigolf tickles your senses with painted walls and scented candles. Unlike traditional minigolf courses, you play in a group of 6 players for a minimum of 15 minutes per hole. Ideal as a team event, for a birthday party, a family outing or with colleagues in small or larger groups. Let your senses be enchanted and see for yourself.

Where: Karl-Marx-Straße 255, Neukölln

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Tip 6: Minigolf at the Südpark

Miniature golf course
Girl plays mini golf GettyImages, Foto: Thomas Dahlke/EyeEm

The minigolf course is located right next to the large Südpark recreational sports facility in Spandau. Take a look here after a bike ride along Heerstrasse. In the spacious area you can play tennis and volleyball, there is a water play area and a snack bar where you can get something to eat. The minigolf course is accessible through a small gate from the Südpark.

Where: Weverstraße 42, Spandau

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Tip 7: Schwarz Licht Minigolf DockX Tempelhofer Hafen Berlin

3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf DocX neon black light
3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf DocX Berlin Docx Berlin

At DockX, you'll experience a magical journey into an overgrown, sunken Berlin with fantastic details that shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow. The black light minigolf area consists of 18 courses - each one presents new challenges. The black-lit minigolf balls seem to float in the air. Let yourself be surprised by a mixture of light, art and a lot of fun.

Where: Ordensmeisterstraße 1-3, Tempelhof

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Tip 8: Kiezküchen Minigolf

Miniature golf course
Adults play mini golf GettyImages, Foto: Maskot

This minigolf course is located on the edge of the Fritz-Schloß-Park in Moabit. Here you can test your accuracy and your feeling for the ball on various courses. On hot summer days, you can buy cool refreshments like ice cream or drinks at the snack bar. There are plenty of places to sit on the grounds for short breaks.

Where: Fritz-Schloß-Park, Entrance Rathenower-/ corner Turmstraße, Moabit

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Tip 9: Miniaturgolfplatz at the Volkspark Wilmersdorf

Mini golf course
Girl plays minigolf GettyImages, Foto: altanaka

The well-maintained miniature golf course is located directly in Wilmersdorf. Enclosed by trees and a hedge, the miniature golf course offers a total of 18 different holes to play. A small kiosk provides ice cream and other delicacies. The excursion can be ideally combined with a walk through the Volkspark Wilmersdorf.

Where: Straße am Schoelerpark 35, Wilmersdorf

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Tip 10: Minigolfplatz Hasenheide

Mini golf course
Minigolf course GettyImages, Foto: no limit pictures

For four decades now, you can play minigolf at Volkspark Hasenheide. With its many plants and small trees, the course feels like a small oasis in the middle of the city. Take some time out, play a few rounds of minigolf and enjoy the feeling of a holiday.

Where: Hasenheide 81, Neukölln

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Tip 11: Plura Minigolf und Imbiss

Miniature golf course
Girls play minigolf GettyImages, Foto: kali9

With a view over the lake, you can score a goal or two at Plura Minigolf in Reinickendorf. The minigolf course at the small Schäfersee lake is a perfect destination for a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only is there a wonderful little minigolf course with a snack bar at the lake, but also a café where you can end your day.

Where: Am Schäfersee, Reinickendorf

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