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Top 11 Indoor Activities in Berlin

Here's what you can do when it get's uncomfortable outside

© visitBerlin, Foto: Fotoagentur Wolf, freiheitswerke

The weather doesn't always play along as we would like. If you still don't want to stay at home, here are the perfect tips for you. These indoor activities guarantee fun and variety on a rainy day in Berlin. Here you can find more activities for all ages and fitness levels. Let's go!

Tip 1: Perfect for rainy days in Berlin: Trampoline halls

© JUMPHouseBerlin, Foto: Tom Menz

You can really let off steam in one of Berlin's numerous trampoline parks. Let yourself be catapulted into the air and maybe even try a somersault in the air. Various jumping areas with extra offers, such as basketball or jumping pits padded with foam promise fun and variety. Some trampoline halls also offer climbing parks for particularly active guests. There are now six trampoline halls in Berlin.


  • JUMP House
    • Miraustraße 38, Reinickendorf
  • Sprung Raum
    • Malteserstraße 139-142, Tempelhof
  • JUMP300
    • Landsberger Straße 217/218, Hellersdorf
  • MyJump
    • Caroline-Michaelis-Straße 8, Mitte
    • Allee der Kosmonauten 30, Marzahn
    • Königshorster Straße 11-13, Reinickendorf

JUMP House

Tip 2: Get wet: Indoor surfing at Wellenwerk

Surfer im Wellenwerk Berlin
© Wellenwerk, Foto: Julius Niehus

Are you wondering, what you can do on a rainy day in Berlin? Get wet, of course! At Wellenwerk you will find the perfect surfing conditions. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the artificial wave can be adjusted to your skills at the push of a button. And with 26 degree warm water, it's not a big deal to fall off the board. For those who just can't get enough after a first ride on the wild wave, various courses are offered.

Where: Landsberger Allee 270, Lichtenberg
When: By appointment only


Tip 3: Take off when the skys are grey: Indoor Skydiving in Berlin

Hurricane Factory Berlin
Hurricane Factory © Marat Daminov

Flying is your dream: Then dreams will come true for you in Berlin. Not far from the new BER airport, you'll find one of the largest wind tunnel facilities in Germany. The airflow will carry you up to 15 meters high, where you can float or do somersaults as the mood takes you. You don't need any special previous knowledge. Trained instructors will teach you the necessary basic knowledge. And you can also borrow the appropriate equipment such as helmet, ear protection and goggles on site.


  •     Hurricane Factory Wassmannsdorfer Allee 3, Schönefeld, Germany
  •     Windobona, Landsberger Allee 268, Lichtenberg

Hurricane Factory

Hurricane Factory

Tip 4: The perfect indoor activity for everyone: Bouldering in Berlin

Climber in Boulderhall
Climber in Boulderhall © Getty Images, Foto: Hispanolistic

You don't need ropes or hooks for bouldering. You can usually borrow shoes in the halls - and in a pinch, you can even start out with clean indoor shoes. Because bouldering is only a few meters above the ground - which is softly padded, of course - this sport is also ideal for beginners. But beware: It is still strenuous to shimmy up and along the walls. There are usually different routes with different levels of difficulty. A sense of achievement is guaranteed!

11 places to boulder and climb in Berlin

Tip 5: Skate Hall Berlin - Keep it rolling on a rainy day

© Skatehalle-Berlin, Foto: Adam Sello

No matter on which wheels you move - whether skateboard, wheelchair or skates - in the skate hall you will find the perfect challenge. There is an area for mini-ramps, a 400 square meter bowl and a street course with plenty of space for free skate sessions. You can improve your skills in workshops and training sessions, for example in the After Work Skate Sessions for adult beginners and returners.

Where: Revaler Straße 99, Friedrichshain

The best skate tracks in Berlin

Tip 6: What to do on a rainy day in Berlin? Try an indoor playground!

Berlin with children: Indoor playground Berlin
indoor playground © Getty Images, Foto: olesiabilkei

Little bundles of energy will find plenty of space to jump, play, climb and build in Berlin's numerous indoor playgrounds. Depending on the location, there are also indoor soccer fields, climbing areas, a ball pool, a maze or even a small stage where the kids can also let off steam creatively. The littlest ones are allowed to explore with all their senses in the protected toddler area.


  • Bim & Boom Kinderspielland, Beilsteiner Straße 109, Marzahn
  • Tommy turbulente Tobewelt, Roelckestraße 105, Weißensee
  • Kutumba Familienerlebniswelt, Märkische Allee 176-178, Marzahn
  • Dockx Freizeitcenter, Ordensmeisterstraße 3, Tempelhof
  • Jolos Kinderwelt, Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d, Tempelhof
  • Bambooland Spandau, Nonnendammallee 117, Spandau
  • Kidsplanet, Damschkestraße 4, Charlottenburg

More indoor playgrounds

Tip 7: Hit a strike when it rains in Berlin: go bowling

Colorful bowling balls on rack on bowling lane
Colorful bowling balls on rack on bowling lane © Getty Images, Bild: Henry Donald

Originally, bowling originated from the European "Kegeln". German and Dutch immigrants had brought it across the Atlantic to the New World. Now there are more bowling alleys in Berlin than you have bowling pins to knock down in the game.


  • American Bowl Berlin, Märkische Allee 176-178, Marzahn
  • Berolina Bowling Lounge, Kleiststraße 3-6, Schöneberg
  • New City Bowling Hasenheide, Hasenheide 8, Neukölln
  • Bowling World Berlin, Mercedes Platz, Mildred-Harnack-Straße 13, Mitte
  • Bowling Center am Roten Rathaus, Rathauspassagen, Rathausstraße 5, Mitte
  • Bowlero Bowling Berlin, Samariterstraße 19-20, Friedrichshain
  • Bowl Play Berlin Hallen am Borsigturm, Am Borsigturm 2, Treptow-Köpenick

East Sid Bowling

Tip 8: Speed up on a rainy day in Beriln: Try Kart driving

Berlinkart Neukölln
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

It smells of gasoline and the engines roar. Fans of racing and speed get their money's worth when karting in Berlin. After a short briefing, off you go. Put on your helmet, get in the car and step on the gas! Your time will be measured. And when you're a little more advanced, you can do some real racing.


  • Berlin Kart, Werbellinstraße 50, Neukölln
  • Mobikart Fun Racing, Plauener Straße 161,Hohenschönhausen
  • Kartland, Miraustraße 62-66, Reinickendorf

Berlin Kart in Neukölln

Tip 9: Get your blood pumping and try your luck at lasertag

EXIT-Live Adventures - Atom-Bunker
EXIT-Live Adventures - Bunker © EXIT-Live Adventures

One of the most spectacular indoor settings for laser tag in Berlin is the underground bunker at Anhalter Bahnhof. The approximately 2500sqm playing area was actually once an air raid shelter. Now it is a modern equipped facility with numerous game variations, from lasertag to escape games. In fact, laser tag was developed by the U.S. military in the 1970s for training and exercise purposes. The gaming industry picked up the concept and in 1984 the first laser tag arena opened in Dallas. In the meantime, several indoor arenas have also been established in Berlin. In most you can play as a group, but you can also book in as an individual.


  • Underground Lasergame, Stresemannstraße 95Y, Kreuzberg
  • LaserTec Berlin, An der Industriebahn 2, Weißensee
  • Lasergame Berlin, Nordhauser Straße 26, Charlottenburg
  • DockX, Ordensmeisterstraße 1-3, Tempelhof

Berlin's Unterwelten Museum

Tip 10: Bring some color in your rainy day in Berlin - play black light mini golf

Black light mini golf course with children in Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Immerse yourself in brightly colored fantasy worlds: Although the ball and club shine in neon colors in black light minigolf, the environment itself is almost more fun than putting the ball in the hole. Tracks, walls and the entire interior merge into a three-dimensional spatial installation. There, even waiting for the next free lane becomes a pleasure.


  • 3D Black Light Mini Golf, direkt am Tempelhofer Hafen, Ordensmeisterstraße 1-3, Tempelhof
  • Black Light Mini Golf, Görlitzer Straße 1, Kreuzberg
  • Schwarzlicht Insel Berlin, Goerzallee 190, Steglitz

Black light minigolf

Tip 11: Solve a puzzle on a rainy day - Escape Rooms & Exit Games in Berlin

Virtual Reality Experience at EXIT VR Berlin
EXIT VR Berlin © EXIT Adventures GmbH

You are playing against time. Whether you have to defuse a bomb or escape monsters from a dimly lit room, you have to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible, crack the number combinations and open the locks and doors to the next room. In Berlin, so many different providers have now established themselves that we have compiled the top 11 for you in a separate blog post.

Top 11 Escape Rooms in Berlin

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