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Top 11 Escape Rooms in Berlin

Exciting missions and bizarre puzzles

EXIT-Live Adventures Berlin
EXIT-Live Adventures Berlin © EXIT-Live Adventures

Just a few more minutes! In most escape rooms it is a race against time. You are locked up with your team members in themed rooms and have to solve various puzzles and crack number codes. It's the only way you can open the doors. As well as the classic escape rooms, there are also outdoor adventures and special missions for children and families. With historically inspired tours, those interested in Berlin history also get their money's worth. Admittedly, with the many different providers of Live Escape Games it is difficult to keep track of everything. That's why we have put together the best missions for different interests and age groups for you.

Tip 1: Prohibition Berlin - Escape Game at the Sally Bowles Bar

20er Jahre
© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

And you're already in the middle of it: The on-site Escape Game at Sally Bowles Bar takes you back to Berlin in the 1920s. You have just plunged into the wicked nightlife at Nollendorfplatz when a raid threatens. In an instant you find yourself on the run underground. Now everything depends on whether you find the key to the exit. Will you have to spend the night in jail or will you be able to continue partying with Sally Bowles in the bar later?

  • Where: Eisenacher Straße 2 at Sally Bowles
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Age: not specified

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Tip 2: For clever minds - Smartroom Berlin

Smartroom - Escape Room Exit Game: Alice im Smartland
Smartroom - Escape Room Exit Game: Alice im Smartland © Smart Room

At Smartroom Berlin there are no limits to your fantasy. The lovingly designed rooms almost invite you to slip into a role yourself. Do you want to visit Alice in Smartland, fly through space in a spaceship, rob a bank or make a killing in a casino? No matter which mission you choose, you'll have to solve tricky puzzles – and not just tricky number combinations. Younger adventurers are welcome to join in when accompanied by adults.

  • Where: Nöldnerstraße 1, Friedrichshain
  • Age: from 14 years of age, younger children accompanied by adults
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Tip 3: For tinkerers and thinkers - Final Escape

Escape Room
© Getty Images, Foto: Ivan

It is not that easy to escape in Final Escape. Whether you're escaping from a prison or a ghost ship, the scenery is so detailed that you really feel like you've been transported to the corresponding environment. Other creepy themes include "The Last Human", "The Puppeteer" or "Robot Paranoia". So there are lots of adventures, all at different levels of difficulty. So there is something for everyone. Final Escape also brings mobile adventure games to your home or office.

  • Where: Prenzlauer Allee 23, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Age: at least 16 years, with parents between 10 and 14 years depending on the game

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Tip 4: For Berlin-Fans - Make a Break

Make a break - Live Escape Room Berlin - Detailansicht
Make a break - Live Escape Room Berlin © Make a Break Live Escape Room

Berlin was and is still facing many challenges. But you can master them! Travel back in time and tear down the Berlin Wall, catch the boss of the Berlin drug mafia or save Berlin from a zombie attack. The special thing about Make a Break are the professional scenes, such as a lifelike reconstruction of the Berlin Wall. Virtual reality glasses are also used in some cases. A genuine Berlin adventure!

  • Where: Müggelstraße 8, Friedrichshain
  • Age: not specified
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Tip 5: If you want to play when and where you want - Escape Academy

ESCAPE Berlin ©

With Escape Academy you can get an Escape Room at any place you can think of. Play at home, in the allotment garden, in the park. Play with colleagues, friends or the whole family. The whole game is in one big suitcase. For every puzzle you crack, another lock opens. (in German language)

  • Where: Naumannstraße 70, Schöneberg
  • Duration: 60 -120 minutes
  • Age: from 10 years

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Tip 6: For adrenaline junkies - Labyrintoom

Escape Room
© Getty Images, Foto: Ivan

Solving the puzzles in the "Labyrinth Cabinets" of Labyrintoom not only takes logical thinking, but also imagination and intuition. Solve the mystery of Leonardo da Vinci, venture into the magician's cabinet or try to escape from the Cube Cabinet rooms, which are all in white. You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking!

  • Where: Wartenberg Str. 35/36, Friedrichshain
  • Age: from 14 years, accompanied by an adult from 8 years
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Tip 7: For large groups - Mission Accepted

Mission Accepted Teamspiel Berlin
Mission Accepted Teamspiel Berlin © Mission Accepted

Besides classic escape rooms, Mission Accepted also provides city rallies and mobile escape games. Up to 200 people can be sent on a mission anywhere. The city rallies (starting in April), will also have different thematic focuses, such as Spezialeinheit Kunstraub (the special unit for art theft) or Codeword Cobold. Perfect for an exciting afternoon on Berlin's streets. There are special offers for children.

  • Where: Europe Center, Tauentzienstraße 9 -12, Charlottenburg
  • Age: from 14 years, accompanied by an adult from 10 years
  • Duration: Escape Room games last 60 minutes
  • City rallies up to 2.5 hours

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Tip 8: For history fans - Kiez-Game

Kiez Game - History Mystery Escape - Köpenick, Berlin
Kiez Game - History Mystery Escape © Kiez Game, Foto: Randy Witte

Retrace the footsteps of the Hauptmann von Köpenick (Captain of Köpenick) and immerse yourself in the world of yesteryear. You can even try on original uniforms from around 1906 at Kiez Game. During the adventure you move from room to room. Unlike other escape games, you are not locked in. Different variations and themes offer different levels of difficulty. In the version for children between eight and 14 years Wilhelm Voigt, the Captain himself, must be freed. “Capture the Flag” takes you through the real old town of Köpenick.

  • Where: Alt-Köpenick 31/33, Köpenick
  • Age: special offer for young people between 8 and 14 years
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Tip 9: For team players - Illuminati Escape

Illuminati Escapes Berlin - Alien Grill
Illuminati Escapes Berlin - Alien Grill © Gamopolis GmbH

Would you like to compete against each other in two teams? Then you should undertake a mission at Illuminati Escape. Which of you will manage to find the most powerful computer in the world before it is misused for sinister purposes? Two to five players can compete for each team. A great bad weather tip for your stay in Berlin. When the sun is shining, you can choose an outdoor escape game in team mode.

  • Where: Abbestraße 17 (in the courtyard on the right, 2nd floor), Charlottenburg
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Age: from 15 years

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Tip 10: For cineastes and fans of zombie attacks

Restaurant im EXITROOM Berlin
© Alexander Pevzner

Exitroom Berlin offers you a choice of ten different Escape Rooms at two locations. Film fans can immerse themselves in fantastic worlds inspired by screen adventures such as "The Lord of the Rings" or "Aladdin and the magic lamp". But you can also crack the Davinci Code or escape from a bunker. Join Sherlock Holmes, visit a magic school, rob a bank or save the world from a zombie attack. Afterwards you can enjoy a monster or zombie burger in the Exitroom restaurant.

  • Where: An der Kolonnade 4 and Wilhelmstrasse 92, Mitte
  • Ages: Rooms from 12 and 16 years, zombie from 18 years, children only accompanied by an adult

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Tip 11: For pilots - emergency landing

The Bounty Island Berlin
The Bounty Island Berlin © Tingan GmbH

You are passengers of a Boeing 727. Suddenly there is strong turbulence. The two pilots and many passengers are unconscious. Now you have to take matters into your own hands and initiate an emergency landing. In the flight simulator in Langwitz, you will simulate a realistic emergency landing. Not for the faint of heart!

  • Where: Haynauer Str. 71-73, Langwitz
  • Duration: depending on group size 50 - 80 minutes
  • Reservation under 030 88721926

Tips for virtual reality experiences in Berlin

Currently Closed: For gamers - Exit - The Game

EXIT-Live Adventures - Detailansicht Katze
EXIT-Live Adventures Berlin © EXIT-Live Adventures

Want to lure your teens away from the computer screen? Then a trip to Exit – The Game is perfect for you. Missions in virtual space don't get more exciting than this, so what are you waiting for? Even the premises in an old bunker in Mitte rank among the the top spooky places in Berlin and will send shivers down your spine. Choose between different adventures that will take you to a secret prison, an old sanatorium or an underground city. Because life on earth is no longer possible. Now it's your turn!

  • Where: Klosterstraße 62, Mitte
  • Age: Children between 10 and 15 years accompanied by an adult
  • Discounts for school classes of 20 pupils or more
  • Duration: 66 minutes

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