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Kiez Game - History Mystery Escape - Köpenick, Berlin
Kiez Game - History Mystery Escape © Kiez Game, Foto: Randy Witte

Kiez Game

On mission with the captain of Köpenick

Do you know the Captain of Köpenick? Perhaps you should watch the drama by Carl Zuckmayer, which has been filmed several times, before you go in search of clues yourself. Because all the missions revolve around the captain, who was actually a shoemaker and then ended up in prison for his fraudulent activities. It takes place in rooms on site or directly in the old town of Köpenick. In order to assume the role even better, you can even slip into the uniform of the captain yourself. Kiez Game also offers a Capture the Flag version, as well as a mission especially for children.

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Age: special offer for young people between 8 and 14 years