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Tickets for the museums & exhibitions in Berlin

Which ticket is right for you?

Berlinische Galerie
Berlinische Galerie - Exhibition © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Current Information

Museums and attractions in Berlin are open again. Please observe the current regulations and hygiene measures during your visit. Here you will find current information about the situation in Berlin.

Tickets for the Berlin State Museums

For your next museum tour in Berlin, we compiled a list of the state museums in Berlin (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) for you, clearly arranged and up-to-date. Each museum offers you an extensive range of collections and treasures from the past to the present. In this section you get an overview of current museum exhibitions - find the right museum ticket on


  • Spreeblick auf die Museumsinsel

    Tickets Museuminsel Berlin

    A whole Artwork: Museum Island

    from € 19.00 Day-Ticket

    • 1 ticket for 6 museums & exhibitions
    • Pergamon museum - Bode-Museum - Altes Museum
    • Neues-Museum - Alte Nationalgalerie - Pergamon. Das Panorama

    Tickets & dates

  • Ishtar-Tor im Pergamonmuseum

    Time slot ticket: Pergamon Museum

    1 ticket - 3 impressive collections

    from € 12.00

    • Time Slot Ticket for the Pergamonmuseum
    • including current Exhibitions
    • Bypass the queue

    Tickets & dates

  • Neues Museum Berlin

    Tickets Neues Museum Berlin

    Collections of Antiques & Papyrus

    from € 12.00

    • Egyptian Museum & Insights into Ancient Egyptian Cultures
    • Artefacts from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages
    • Collection of Ancient Antiquities: an extensive exhibition

    Tickets & dates

  • Museum Europäischer Kulturen

    Museum Europäischer Kulturen: Museum Ticket

    Time-slot ticket including admission to all exhibitions

    from € 8.00 Museum ticket

    • Exhibitions: Cultural Contacts. Living in Europe & comiXconnection
    • New: The Giant Mechanical Nativity Scene from the Ore Mountains
    • Book your time-slot ticket now

    Tickets & dates

  • James-Simon-Galerie

    from € 10.00

    • Exhibition: Akhmim: Egypt’s Forgotten City
    • the oldest city in Egypt and its 6000-year history
    • Book your time-slot ticket now

    Tickets & dates

  • Old National Gallery in Berlin: Karl-Friedrich-Schinkel-Saal

    Tickets Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin

    Art of the 19th century

    from € 10.00

    • Extensive collections from the art epoch of the 19th century
    • Artwork Collection of paintings & sculptures over 3 floors
    • Art works from Caspar David Friedrich to Adolph Menzel

    Tickets & dates

  • Pergamon.panorama exhibition of Yadegar Asisi in Berlin

    Tickets Pergamon. A Panorama by Asisi

    Masterpieces from the Ancient Metropolis with a Panorama

    from € 12.00

    • The exhibition at the Pergamonmuseum.The Panorama
    • Impressive: Explore the antique metropolis
    • Book an additional ticket now

    Tickets & dates

  • Hamburger-Bahnhof

    Tickets Hamburger Bahnhof

    Museum for Contemporary Art Berlin

    from € 10.00 Time-Slot Ticket

    • Friedrich Christian Flick Collection
    • collections & exhibitions on art from the 1960s to the present day
    • Artworks from Beuys, Kiefer, Rauschenberg, Twombly & Warhol

    Tickets & dates

  • Rotunda in the Altes Museum on the Museum Island in Berlin

    Tickets Altes Museum

    Collection of classical antiquity

    from € 10.00

    • The ancient Greece between the 10th & 1st century BC
    • Highlights of antique coinage & treasure chamber
    • Roman Art: Portrait busts of Caesar & Cleopatra

    Tickets & dates

  • Gemäldegalerie at Kulturforum in Berlin

    Tickets Gemäldegalerie Berlin

    World-class collection

    from € 10.00

    • Wide collection of paintings from the 13th to the 18th century
    • Numerous masterpieces of all art-histroic epochs
    • Approximately 1000 masterpieces - 72 halls

    Tickets & dates

  • Bode Museum Eingangsbereich mit zwei Figuren

    Tickets Bode-Museum

    Sculpture collection & painting of the 13th - 18th century

    from € 10.00

    • Main Works of Medieval Art: Madonna & Man of Sorrows
    • Works of Romanesque, Early Renaissance & Late Antiquity
    • Exhibitions: Art from Africa & Byzantine Art

    Tickets & dates

  • Museum für Fotografie - Helmut Newton Stiftung, Berlin

    Tickets Museum of Photography Berlin

    From the 19th century to the present day

    from € 10.00

    • Exhibitions of the Helmut Newton Foundation & Art Library
    • From Pictorialism & New Views of the 1920s to the present day
    • Current exhibitions: Helmut Newton's Private Property

    Tickets & dates

  • Besuch auf Schloss Köpenick

    Tickets Schloss Köpenick

    Room Art from Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo

    from € 6.00

    • Collection of over 500 exhibits
    • Silver buffet from Berlin Palace
    • Museum of Arts and Design with study collection

    Tickets & dates

Tickets for popular exhibitions in Berlin

Which exhibition would you like to visit today? We have compiled an overview for you of popular exhibitions in Berlin. From art and culture to history and entertainment, here you will find your ticket to current special exhibitions and popular permanent exhibitions.

  • Pergamon.panorama exhibition of Yadegar Asisi in Berlin

    Tickets Pergamon. A Panorama by Asisi

    Masterpieces from the Ancient Metropolis with a Panorama

    from € 12.00

    • The exhibition at the Pergamonmuseum.The Panorama
    • Impressive: Explore the antique metropolis
    • Book an additional ticket now

    Tickets & dates

  • Jüdisches Museum

    Jewish Museum Berlin: Time-Slot Ticket

    Exhibition: Jewish Life in Germany: Past and Present

    from € 8.00

    • New exhibition: Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present
    • Experience the impressive diversity of Jewish culture
    • Book your time-slot ticket now

    Tickets & dates

  • Berlinische Galerie

    Tickets Berlinische Galerie

    National Museum of Modern Art, Photography & Architecture

    from € 10.00 Time-Slot Ticket

    • Art Collection Berlin Works from 1870 till today
    • Large collection on 4600qm area: Extensive theme collection
    • Art of Divided Berlin & Dada Berlin & New Objectivity

    Tickets & dates

  • Museum Barberini

    Time-slot ticket: Museum Barberini Potsdam

    Exhibition: Impressionism: The Hasso Plattner Collection

    from € 10.00 Time-Slot Ticket

    • More than 100 masterpieces
    • New exhibition: Impressionism in Russia
    • Book your ticket for the current exhibition now

    Tickets & dates

  • DDR Museum in Berlin

    Tickets DDR-Museum

    An interactive experience journey back to history

    from € 9.80 skip the line

    • The exhibition on everyday life in the GDR
    • Original exhibits to touch
    • An exciting journey through time

    Tickets & dates

  • BlackBox Cold war in Berlin

    BlackBox Cold War - The exhibition

    The exhibition at Checkpoint Charlie

    from € 5.00

    • The first exhibition on the subject of the Cold War in Germany
    • Original exhibits & documents on 200m² exhibition area
    • From the Iron Curtain to the Berlin Blockade

    Tickets & dates

  • Dali Museum

    Tickets Dalí Berlin Art Museum

    The exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

    from € 12.50

    • Dalí exhibition with more than 450 exhibits
    • Fascinating Insights: Salvador Dalí's World of Mental Impressions
    • Highlights of the surrealistic artist

    Tickets & dates

  • Panorama "Die Mauer" von Yadegar Asisi am Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

    Tickets asisi Panorama: The Wall

    asisi Panorama to a divided Berlin

    from € 10.00

    • An atmospheric snapshot within the shadow of the Berlin Wall
    • Unique panorama exhibition of the artist Yadegar Asisi
    • A visitor highlight for all ages

    Tickets & dates

Tickets for your museum visit with children

Our recommendations for family & children activities in Berlin

Discover, join in & try out - these museums are definitely worth a visit for young and old explorers. Find interesting and exciting facts about the world of animals, dinosaurs and history.

  • Car at Technikmuseum

    Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin: Day Ticket

    The world of technology for discoverers of all ages

    from € 8.00 Time Slot Ticket

    • Discover & experience the fascinating world of technology
    • Varied theme worlds in over 19 exhibitions
    • Impressive exhibits from aircrafts to steam engines

    Tickets & dates

  • Illuseum Berlin

    Tickets Illuseum Berlin

    Enter the world of illusions

    from € 12.00

    • Immerse yourself in the world of illusions
    • A fascination for your senses awaits you
    • Fun & Entertainment for the whole family

    Tickets & dates

  • Berlin-Story-Museum, model city

    Tickets Berlin Story Museum

    History inside a WWII bunker

    from € 6.00

    • A Museum inside a WWII bunker
    • From the beginnings of the Berlin city until today
    • Comprehensible & vividly explained

    Tickets & dates

  • Visitors at Berlin-Story-Museum

    Tickets Berlin Story Bunker

    Hitler documentation - How could it happen?

    from € 12.00

    • A large exhibition in a WW II bunker
    • Facts elaborately researched: documents, photos, films
    • Descriptively & comprehensibly explained

    Tickets & dates

  • German Spy Museum Berlin

    Tickets for the Spy Museum Berlin

    World of spies & agents

    from € 12.00

    • Discover the fascinating world of spying
    • A unique exhibition for young and old
    • Interactive museum & multimedia highlights

    Tickets & dates

  • Tickets Computerspielemuseum Berlin

    Tickets Berlin Computer Game Museum

    World of computers & games at Computerspielemuseum

    from € 9.00

    • The museum for computer game fans
    • Over 300 highlights for young and old
    • An interactive & entertaining exploration tour

    Tickets & dates

You want to see as many museums as possible in Berlin, or would you prefer a very specific one?

Berlin has more museums than rainy days - that's 180 museums with an average of 100 rainy days a year. So even if you go to a different museum every rainy day, you'll need almost two years to see all the museums. This means you have to choose which museums you want to visit first - we cannot decide that for you.

We can help you choose the right ticket.

But we can help you find exactly the right ticket for your interests - and also save you money. Whether you came to Berlin specifically for its museum culture, or if you only want to pay a visit to Nefertiti, you can buy the right ticket from us at

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Berlin Welcome Card Museum Island

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Berlin Welcome Card Museum Island - All you need for your Berlin visit

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If you are a real culture fan and cannot get enough of the museums in Berlin, the museum pass is the ticket for you. With the Berlin museum pass, you get free admission to more than 30 exhibitions and museums on three consecutive days. And for only  €29.00 (concessions: €14.50).

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Museum Pass Berlin
Museum Pass Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

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Berlin Welcome Card – For the curious

Are you perhaps in Berlin for the first time and want to combine sightseeing and culture in Berlin? With the Berlin WelcomeCard, you can see a lot and at the same time save money and time. The official tourist ticket is a public transport ticket and a discount card in one - and you can choose how many days the Berlin Welcome Card covers. For 48 hours, the Berlin Welcome Card is from  €19.90.

Here are the advantages of the Berlin Welcome Card at a glance:

  • Public transport ticket for the whole of Berlin
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  • Discounts include the Berlin TV Tower, the Zoological Garden, the museums of Museum Island, and many sightseeing tours
Berlin Welcome Card
Berlin Welcome Card © visitBerlin

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Berlin Welcome Card all inclusive - For leisure travellers

Discover Berlin without having to wait around everywhere and buy tickets? Treat yourself to a little comfort and make your visit to Berlin something special without stress. With the Berlin Welcome Card all inclusive, you pay once and then have free admission to 30 of the most exciting sights and museums in Berlin, such as the Pergamon Museum and the Neues Museum. In addition, you get many discounts throughout the city and - if you want - a public transport ticket.

Here are the advantages of the Berlin Welcome Card all inclusive at a glance:

  • Pay once, 30x free admission to Berlin's highlights, including in all museums on Museum Island, no annoying queues in Berlin
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