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junge Leute mit Skateboards
© Getty Images, Bild: Hinterhaus Productions

Skatehalle Berlin

Skateboarding and climbing on the RAW site in Friedrichshain.

The 1,600 m² skating hall in Friedrichshain has made a name for itself among skaters. This is not least thanks to its indoor half pipe, which is the biggest in Germany, and the many international skate events held here. People from the skating scene get together here regularly to live out the meaning of skating: cool music, fantastic sport, and great parties. The hall is located on the site of the former repair workshop of the German Imperial Railway (RAW), now a neighbourhood subculture and youth centre.


If you prefer a vertical rope to a horizontal skateboard, then head to the 20m high Kletterkegel ("climbing cone") just a few metres away. Here, you can climb on various structures with difficulty levels ranging from 3+ to 10. If you make it to the top, you'll get to sign the "summit book".