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Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017. In the background: Marzahn
Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017 © Foto: Werner Haberecht

Gärten der Welt Berlin

Ten international gardens on an area the size of 60 football pitches

A cherry blossom festival and tea ceremony, surrounded by a sea of flowers, for example: Gardens of the World at Marzahn Park promise plenty of space for fun and relaxation in natural surroundings. See the gardens of the world with your own eyes.

A Korean tea ceremony, a Japanese cherry blossom festival, and everything else you've ever wanted to know about gardening and horticulture around the world. Welcome to the Gardens of the World! Stroll through the Chinese Garden of the Recovered Moon as you make your way to the tropical paradise of Bali, move from Italy to England in a short walk, all in a massive green oasis in the heart of Berlin's Marzahn district.

Discovering the world's cultures through their gardens

The extensive Marzahn Recreational Park, today better known as the "Gardens of the World", was opened by the East Berlin city government in 1987 to commemorate the city's 750th anniversary. Over the years, Japanese, Balinese, Middle Eastern, Korean and Christian-themed gardens have been added, as well as the Italian Renaissance Garden and the Chinese Garden of the Recovered Moon. The last is Germany's largest Chinese garden and marks the reunification of the city of Berlin, with the moon considered symbolic of the perfect harmony and unity of the world according to Chinese teaching. The plants bloom year-round in the Karl-Foerster Perennial Garden.

The Gardens of the World in East Berlin is one of the most beautiful idylls of the city and an oasis for the soul. If you're still craving more after all those fascinating plants, streams, and temples, check out the maze garden and the hedge labyrinth.

Events at Gardens of the World

The Gardens of the World offer not only the complete world of gardening on an area of ​​about 40 hectares. In addition to walks, you can also enjoy gastronomic delights, such as tea ceremonies in authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Korean tea houses. For weddings and events, you can book the reception hall in the Oriental Garden and the Stone Boat in the Chinese Garden.

The Gardens of the World are the stage for many other events each year: the Cherry Blossom Festival each spring, the Chinese Moon Festival with sparkling lanterns in late summer, and Viva la Musica with concerts and fireworks. As part of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) held here in 2017, a modern open-air stage with up to 5,000 seats was also built here. The scenery could hardly be more beautiful. The employees of the park also offer guided tours through the gardens for plant enthusiasts and those interested in culture.

International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017 (IGA Berlin 2017)

The IGA was held in the Gardens of the World, neighbouring Kienberg Park, and the nearby Wuhle Valley from April to October 2017. The exhibition was devoted to the future of urban greenscapes. The IGA cableway also allows you to take a look at the Gardens of the World from a bird's-eye view.

The Balinese Garden of the Three Harmonies was expended to include an energy-efficient tropics house for the IGA. It offers visitors and Berliners an interesting destination year-round, but especially in the winter months. The construction of the large tropics house is also a technical achievement because it requires no heating. Water at 45°C flows throughout the structure and keeps the structure a summery 24°C year-round.

Accessibility at Gardens of the World

For people with visual impairments and mobility constraints, the Gardens of the World offer a free escort service. The staff also lend free wheelchairs and toilets are also accessible.

The Gardens of the World were the first permanent park in the country to receive the Signet Accessibility Award for the marketing of its accessible offerings.

Information for school groups

For school classes, the Gardens of the World offer guided tours targeted to different age groups. In 90 minutes, pupils can explore the gardens on different topics with or without questionnaires.

Wuhletal Neighbourhood Tip

The Wuhletal with the Gardens of the World has long been the longest green area in all of ​​Berlin. The river valley runs for almost 20 kilometres! Enjoy the comfortable hiking trails as you stroll past orchards and lakes up to the Kienberg, Biesdorfer Höhe, or the Ahrensfelder Hills.

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