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Experience world history in Berlin

Nowhere else is history as condensed as in Berlin, nowhere else are milestones of German history with worldwide repercussions so intensely perceptible. Everywhere in Berlin there are authentic places where the past can be experienced at first hand: Guided tours, exhibitions, readings and discussions give you deep insights into Berlin's eventful times: the German imperial era, the Golden Twenties and the turmoil of the Weimar Republic or the dark years of National Socialism. Experience Berlin in numerous events as the later centre of the Cold War and German division, and finally as the focal point of reunification

The history and perspectives of other cultures and continents also find a great illustration in the German capital: Visit the events in the Humboldt Forum with the new presentation of its Ethnological and Asian Collections and the exhibitions and events on the Museum Island, where not only antiquity but around 6,000 years of human history can be experienced. Or spend a creative afternoon with your children in the workshop of the Märkisches Museum.