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Introductory tour

What is the Humboldt Forum?  What do the brothers Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt have to do with the building? What models inspired the architect Franco Stelle besides the Berlin Palace? What traces of the site's eventful history can still be found here today?

Führung im Humboldt Forum
Führung im Humboldt Forum © Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, Foto: Frank Sperling
This tour of the Humboldt Forum will give you an orientation to the building and its core themes.

  • in English
  • 8 EUR per person
  • Book your ticket in advance online or at the box office in the Foyer.
  • Dates and ticket booking for the coming month are released at the end of the previous month.
  • Maximum 15 persons
  • Duration:  60 minutes

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Our tip: Find good stories in good books, visit the shop at the Humboldt Forum, online now too!
Humboldt Forum