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Wine market with wine bar and music

The summer highlight in the vineyard at Späth'schen Baumschulen is the wine market with vintners from German growing regions. Admission to the wine market is free.

Wine bar and wine sale at vintner's price

These wine market vintners offer wines with full enjoyment:
Nickel Winery (Franconia): High pleasure with Franconian wines and fine from the noble distillery // Winery Sack (Tauberfranken): Mineral wines in harmony with nature // Winzer Prieur (Pfalz): Authentic wines with character and a focus on Riesling and Burgundy alongside dry red wines aged in wooden barrels // Weingut Schaurer (Pfalz): Modernity meets tradition - fine wines and fine spirits from our own distillery // Weingut Fluhr Eller (Rheinhessen): Ecological viticulture with heart and knowledge in the best Rheinhessen sites // Weingut Fischer (Württemberg): viticulture in the ninth family generation // Weingut Jonas (Rheingau): Delicacies from Eltville am Rhein

Plants and culinary delights

With sophisticated garden gastronomy Späth's - the inn and beer garden Späthi's welcome guests. The farm store offers delicious organic cheese and organic sausage as a delicacy to accompany the wine. Herb garden and grass garden, sculpture and ready hedge garden, rhododendron and hydrangea garden also invite to visit.

At the wine market, the first blossoms of the large dahlia show appear around the farm store fountain. As a further attraction, the Späth'schen Nurseries invite visitors to the Rose Weeks at Späth in July and to the Perennial Summer with the variety of perennials from their own production.

Wine market in the Späth'en vineyard - July 21 to 23

Fri, July 21: 3 to 10 p.m.; Sat, July 22: 1 to 10 p.m.; Sun, July 23: 1 to 6 p.m.

Admission free
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