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The second "Pride Month Berlin" will take place from 28.06.23 (Wednesday) - the Stonewall Day - for four weeks, until Sunday, 23.07.23.

In order to give more space for LGBTQIA* issues and encounters in and with the queer communities of Berlin in the run-up to the CSD Berlin, the Pride Month was created by the CSD Association.

The main topics of Pride Month Berlin 2023 are HIV / AIDS, Rainbow Families, Kink & Fetish and Safer Spaces for TIN / Bi+ / Poly.

An overview of the programme points on these topics and the many other offers from the queer community is bundled in a [programme calendar].

Activists from all Berlin districts are invited to help shape Pride Month. Thus, a city-wide program is created that gives the opportunity for exchange, education and encounters in and with the queer community of Berlin and welcomes Berliners and Berlin visitors alike.

Virtual program contributions are also included. German and multilingual program items should appeal to and include as many people as possible. Of course, sign language is also considered as a possible language.

Four thematic areas that shape the program of Pride Month 2023 will be announced shortly and a [program calendar] will present all offerings in a bundled form.

The Pride Demonstration and subsequent final rally will continue to be the highlight and conclusion of Pride Month.
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