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This museum only exists for one evening. The participants in the #WomenPower performance workshop exhibit their “moments of empowerment”. Moments find their place in the public's private collections. The audience's mind becomes the space of an archive.

The performance and writing workshop “Women’s Power” led by Janina Akhmetova is a continuation of “Drama der Dame” and “PerFEM”. In the workshops, the participants worked with the artistic methods of biographical and documentary theater, performance, storytelling, dance and theater therapy. By studying their own biography, they found dramatic moments and insights into their own self-identification and self-portrayal as women from Eastern Europe in German society.

The participants at the “Museum of Moments” share these moments with the audience. Central moments are the prejudices about the body, motherhood and origins. Isn't life a collection of experiences?

Admission: 6:30 p.m

The event will take place in Russian.

Idea & direction:
Janina Ahh Akhmetova

Sofya Chernykh

Moments from:

  • Polina Geller
  • Margarita Yukecheva
  • Yan luck
  • Kristina Siardina
  • Irina Lamprecht
  • Elena Razumovskaia
  • Marina Vagaeva