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For the third time, LETsDOK celebrates throughout Germany the documentary film, also in cinemas and cultural centers in Berlin and Brandenburg.

In Berlin, seven cinemas are bringing film contributions to LETsDOK to the big screen:

Aquarium am Südblock, Klick Kino, Kino Krokodil, Lichtblick-Kino, Regenbogenkino, Tilsiter Lichtspiele, Wolf Kino.

Thematically, the narrative quality of the programme, with films on German history, anti-racism, urban development, non-conformism, East-West, urban history, border stories and even music documentaries, underlines the relevance of documentary film as an important stimulus for social discourse.

In addition to screenings, this year's Berlin programme focuses on education with a variety of workshops.

Renowned international speakers and filmmakers will impart know-how on editing, sound and lighting design and empower young filmmakers to develop independent projects. Particularly noteworthy is the video practice workshop on the Berlin housing issue with Tanja Brzaković and Matthias Coers, which offers those affected, activists and interested parties an introduction to different film forms and the basics of film language and lets them create short films on their own.

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