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One of the demands of the improvising musician is to expose himself to new musical situations. Berlin offers a lot of opportunities for this through the constant influx, the continuous movement of the scene. What we bring to the process as individuals flows into the collectively created music - our personalities, stories, imprints.Nick Dunston and Mariá Portugal are pioneering on their instruments and as composer and composer respectively.

Both are contemporary artists, they change the existing. But they are also connected to rich musical traditions. For me, this mixture is inspiring and promising. I am looking forward to meeting both of them and to a music in which sound, kinetic energy and provocation shall have their place.

Achim Kaufmann

Jazzkeller 69 presents the trio Portugal, Kaufmann,

  • Achim Kaufmann - piano
  • Nick Dunston - bass
  • Mariá Portugal - drums

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