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by Jordi Galceran

“We’re not looking for a good person who’s an asshole on the outside, we’re looking for an asshole who’s a good person on the outside.”

A race for the dream job that turns into a journey for the soul.

Four applicants for a manager position meet in a waiting room for the final round of a selection process.

Right from the start, the four are sent on a course whose obstacles become increasingly mysterious and absurd. Situations full of tension and drama arise. A breathtaking competition full of cynicism, sophistication and bitter wit. This was made worse when it became known that there was a member of the human resources department among them. How far are applicants willing to go for their dream job? Which game and which tactic promise the greatest success? Who can withstand the pressure?

Jordi Galceran's piece tells of the relentless rivalry between job seekers and at the same time questions the craze surrounding the “human resource”.

A sarcastic comment on the increasingly aggressive methods of the labor market.

90 minutes
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