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Lecture by Dr. Joachim Zeller

In Berlin and Potsdam, as in the former Brandenburg-Prussia, an African diaspora has existed for centuries, not least due to Germany's colonial involvement. The lecture traces the people with African roots who lived here.

The focus is on pictorial documents through which their life stories can be reconstructed. The instrumentalization of the pictorial documents within the discourse of exoticism, racism and colonialism will also be shown. The temporal focus is on the decades before and after World War I, when Berlin was the German colonial metropolis and a center of the colonial revisionist movement, respectively.

Joachim Zeller, born 1958 in Swakopmund/Namibia, historian in Berlin and Frankfurt, received his doctorate from the Technical University of Berlin in 1999. He has served on the advisory boards of several exhibitions on colonialism, including "German Colonialism. Fragments of its Past and Present," at the German Historical Museum in Berlin (2016/2017).
Additional information
Meeting point: Vestibule New Wing

Price: €8.00

Reduced price: €6.00

Booking: Bookable from June 2023