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The Tango – ¡personal! – comes over and talks about himself again. Where he comes from, what happened to him and those who love him. Those stories from the south of Buenos Aires, its backyards, the dark alleys and the harbor that tell of hope, disappointment, love and suffering, of madness.

In the barracks, the emigrants from Europe, who brought their music and dances with them, met the gauchos and the descendants of the slaves. That's where it was born - the tango.

And after just a few years he was unmistakable and people in Paris and Berlin recognized him immediately: “Ah – Tango!” And that's how he still feels today.

But he doesn't say this alone! A dancing couple, a singer and a pianist accompany him.


  • Anahi Setton (vocals)
  • Benjamin Galian (dance)
  • Gabriela Pereira (dance)
  • Hans-Henner “Hannes” Becker (idea, acting, text)
  • Javier Tucat Moreno (piano, arrangements)

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