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Innumerable Berliners:innen work in clubs, associations or movements for an open and solidary city. Through demonstrations, petitions and solidarity support structures, they show that democracy is more than just voting.

But not everyone can participate equally: Because not everyone has the right passport to vote and participate in decision-making. Because most public places are not safe and accessible for everyone. With the Berlin Democracy Day on September 15th, we want to make visible the diverse commitment to equal participation in Berlin. We will take a critical but constructive look at democratic barriers and exclusions in Berlin.

On this occasion, events and actions will take place in all Berlin districts. An accompanying video and media campaign will carry the collected perspectives, ideas and demands for a democratic Berlin for all into the public and political arena. What are you fighting for in Berlin? From voting rights, housing, mobility, work, education or health care to equal participation in art, culture and media.

What is your vision for a democratic Berlin for all? Share your ideas and demands via Instagram & Twitter #DemTagBerlin. If you would like to contribute to the debates outside of the events or social media - for example ideas or demands - you can contact the Migration Council Berlin or the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft.

The Berlin Democracy Day is a project of the Migration Council Berlin and the Initiative Open Society, supported by the Senate Chancellery.
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