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A musical-cabaret journey from the Spree to the Black Sea.

Attention, be careful on the edge of the platform! It gets lively when Chanson-Nette with her Berlin mouth and the boys from Trio Scho play and sing.

Join the musical-cabaret “Berlin-Odessa Express” with chansons, evergreens and stories from both cities from the 1920s to the present day. Spirited, cheeky – touching, funny.

Unfortunately, the entire route is too dangerous these days, but lethargy is not an option given the brutal Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. They still play and even more so! With music and enthusiasm they take you from the Spree to the Black Sea! Look forward to a humorous mix!

“Chanson-Nette” Jeannette Urzendowsky, a true Berliner, sings and tells songs and stories from her beloved city from the twenties to today, spiritedly accompanied by three original Ukrainian-Russian Berlin musicians: Gennadij Desatnik (violin/vocals), Valeriy Khoryshmann ( accordion) and Alexander Franz on double bass.

The trio raves about the cradle of jazz in Odessa and the musical tradition in Poltava, about the former, unusual atmosphere of the multi-ethnic metropolis of Kiev and about their Ukrainian homeland. But the three of them have been living on the Spree for a good thirty years, so musically they also enjoy many of the things that excite them about Berlin today.

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Chanson-Nette Jeannette Urzendowsky
Trio Scho