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music theater based on a picture by Franz Marc

How could it have come to this? Authors Tobias Groneberg and Snoopy ask themselves this question in their new musical "Tierschicksale". It is based on the picture of the same name by Franz Marc and brings it and its story to life.

The story takes place in a time of energy crisis. The earth's resources will soon be exhausted. Three forest spirits protect nature, the earth, animals and mankind. A factory owner wants to use the means of progress and technology, power and influence to solve the energy problem and advance humanity. He has a daughter. She loves life and herself the most. In order to implement his plan, he must build a new plant. Unfortunately, the forest in which the forest spirits live has to give way. While working on the new work, the daughter gets to know the three forest spirits and becomes friends with them. She finds that she needs to reconsider many of her beliefs.

Like Franz Marc's picture, the costume and stage design are in the expressionist style. At the beginning, the persons performing present this image on the stage. From this, the stage action then develops.
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