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Sensitivity, clarity and captivating rhythms characterize the sound of the Berlin-based Alexandra Ivanova Trio led by the Austrian pianist and composer of Bulgarian roots. With Niklas Lukassen on double bass and Nathan Ott on drums, the trio navigates between Jazz, Oriental classical music, odd meters from the Balkan and Afro-Cuban claves.

Alexandra's compositions stem from a deep journey into the self. Her arrangements of Oriental standards, Azeri and Icelandic folklore invite the listener to look at the world from different points of view: from the East, the West or from somewhere in between. In February 2022, the trio played a tour in Saudi Arabia, after the captivating combination of Alexandra's original compositions and spoken word poems had already sparked the audience’s attention at various live shows in Europe (AT/NL/DE). Last year the trio recorded its debut album featuring guest vocalist Lynn Adib (FR/SYR) on the title track “Beauty in Chaos” - to be released soon.

Come to the Zigzag for an exclusive insight into this melodic world-in-between!

"Ivanova is an accomplished, inventive pianist, and Lukassen and Ott, constantly juggling time and improvisation, provide great rhythmic support." - (All About Jazz)

"a musician out of the ordinary in every respect." - (Jazz thing)


The trio has already toured Saudi Arabia and Europe, and this year will open the prestigious Cairo Jazz Festival with vocalist Lynn Adib (FR/SYR), who is also featured on the album's title track. "Beauty in Chaos is a captivating album that often seems mysterious - possibly due to the fusion of cultural elements. Each track holds moments of beauty, the arrangements enough twists and developments to keep the listener entertained." (All About Jazz)Alexandra is a pluricultural pianist and composer, born in Austria with Bulgarian roots, and having called France, the Middle East and the Gulf her home. She was classically trained at the piano as a child and is primarily self-taught in jazz, performing with her jazz trios since the age of 16, before she found a mentor in autodidact Tarek Yamani at a later stage. Alexandra’s interest lies in polyrhythms, Bulgarian and Maqam-based music in conversation with jazz harmony and Afrocuban claves which she further deepened with Arturo O’Farrill Ruy Lopez-Nussa, Alexis Bosch und Salman Gambarov.

Alexandra has earned the Jazz Scholarship from the Berlin Senate 2022 and a stipend from the German Music Fund 2021 for her composition work and research. In her young career, she has performed at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival, the Stockwerk Graz, the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Programme at UNESCO International Jazz Day 2020, as well as on international stages in Saudi Arabia, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Niklas Lukassen
Bassist, composer and singer Niklas Lukassen lives in New York and Berlin and is a rising force in the international jazz scene with a special artistic signature. He holds a Masters’ degree from the Manhattan School of Music with a full scholarship under mentorship of Ron Carter. Niklas has collaborated with artists like Mike Stern, Joe Lovano, Oz Noy and Sean Wayland, and has toured Malaysia, China, England, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. He has received generous endorsements, such as the dedication of a "Niklas Lukassen Signature Bass Guitar Model" from "Merlos" (Spain, 2016).Nathan OttThe young bandleader and drummer Nathan Ott was hailed by jazz experts since he released his debut album in 2016 with his quartet featuring Dave Liebman. He took the spirit of the Elvin-Jones Band’s Lighthouse-Edition from the 70s into the 21st century. Ever since, he established a name for his playing due to his vital musical inputs always dosing dynamics in the best interest the musical context.In his young career, Nathan Ott has collaborated with artists like Richie Beirach, Tobias Delius and Jonas Westergaard. He has studied with Bill Elgart and Holger Nell in Germany, as well as with Adam Nussbaum, Greg Hutchinson and Billy Hart in the USA, before he moved to Berlin in 2019 where he currently lives and works.

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