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tanz:digital is the new online platform for dance and digital media in the German-speaking sphere. It shows what is possible in a world that no longer consists only of physical stages, but also of virtual bodies, dance videos, and set designs. What can be created in the connection between the body and digital technology?

To celebrate the launch, researchers, educators, and artists are gathering at HAU – which itself has a research platform for art with digital technology in the form of HAU4.

Programme Studio


  • Tortelli & Wurm: “H – Schritte in schwarzen Räumen”
  • Tortelli & Wurm: “GOD’s FORMULA”
  • Wiebke Pöpel: “Neun Schülerinnen und die Flut”
  • SP.A.CE Case Collective: “Arrival 2.0”
  • Artmann&Duvoisin x Ale Bachlechner: “Substitute Activities”
  • Monkey Mind Project: “Monkey Mind Movement – Videos”

Foyer 15:00

  • Try-Outs, VR, Apps und mehr
  • Anna-Carolin Weber & Tobias Kopka: “HYBRID ENCOUNTERS – A Virtual Reality Dance Experience”
  • Charlotte Triebus: “KIN_PROXY”
  • DOCK 11 / DOCK digital  Howool Baek: “BETWEEN_ in VR”
  • Mey Seifan / TANWEEN COMPANY: “How am I here?!” 
  • Tobias Staab 7PC: Interfaces

STAGE 18:00 Aaron Lang “uncharted property”

PMD-Art Production “Array”


Photo exhibition in the stairwell by Jörg Dedering tanz:digital

Infopoints: What is tanz:digital? what can and does the new online platform?

Ab 22:00 Party in CAN with Dj Willi Tomes
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