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Open Stage Live Show

2 hours, 4 guests and no one knows what will happen. But one thing is for sure - it bangs. The two comedians and artistry world champions Benno & Max invite you to the only show in Prenzlauer Berg that is not vegan. Stand-up comedians, artists and podcasters test jokes, challenges, viral hits and stunts.

About Benno & Max:
Whether with their million-fold clicked videos on Instagram and TikTok or with their podcast "Spätzle mit Currywurst" on Spotify - Benno & Max inspire thousands of followers and fans of all ages online and offline. The result is a modern crossover live show on stage consisting of stand-up comedy, game challenges, acrobatics and their very own skills, which the two Berlin award-winning world record holders and diabolo world champions present in a spectacular and humorous way. - Extreme Comedy!
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