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Der Schwarzmarkt in Berlin 1948/49

The open-air exhibition "Blocked Victors - Divided Berlin. 75 Years of the Airlift" at Tempelhof Airport will be accompanied by an exciting program: at THFxLUFTBRÜCKE, historians, contemporary witnesses and publicists will show what role the Airlift plays in Berlin's culture of remembrance and literature and take a look at the conditions at the time - for example, the black market.

Survival in West Berlin during the blockade was not ensured by the airlift alone. People also used other supply routes. The black market played an important role in this.

In his book, Walther Grunwald describes the risks, fears and self-image of the black marketeers from the perspective of a contemporary witness. Historian Malte Zierenberg sheds new light on this type of illegal bartering from the perspective of cultural, everyday and economic history.

The THFxLUFTBRÜCKE series of events organized by the Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow Airfield, the Berlin-Karlshorst Museum and the Allied Museum is part of the THFxGESCHICHTE series of Tempelhof Projekt GmbH.

All events take place free of charge in the CHECK-IN visitor center of the airport building.
Please register via the website of the Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow Airfield.

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