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lnsta-Walk of the German National Committee for Monument Protection

The 1980s are back in fashion, music, fashion, design and architecture have become "instagramable". The so-called postmodernism is probably the most playful and today the most popular style of the colorful 1980s.

But there is much more to discover in Berlin: the historicizing architecture in the Nikolaiviertel and on Gendarmenmarkt and the various projects of the IBA 1987. What makes them so interesting for monument protection?

Important social trends of the 1980s can be seen in the architecture and urban planning of the 1980s. Participation and communal forms of living are just as visible here as a great stylistic playfulness and a high level of craftsmanship quality awareness.

Come along on tour and discover the stylistic features, exciting anecdotes and funny construction details!

Registration until July 10th, 2023 via the Instagram channel of the DNK @kulturerbe_dnk and by email to