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'Irtijal' is the Arabic word for 'improvisation'. Irtijal is also the name of the festival for contemporary and experimental music founded in Beirut in 2001, the oldest music festival in Beirut and also one of the longest-lived festivals in post-war Lebanon.

Veranstaltungsplakat irtijal 20/21 berlin
Veranstaltungsplakat irtijal 20/21 berlin © Mazen Kerbaj

Held annually, it has grown steadily ever since, establishing itself as the most important festival of experimental music in the Middle East. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Irtijal Festival is cooperating with the concert series biegungen im ausland. The main participants in the festival are twelve musicians from Beirut and twelve musicians from Berlin, some of whom are getting to know each other and most of whom are forming new groups.

The festival will take place over three days and will open on October 8 with an artist talk moderated by Irtijal co-founder Mazen Kerbaj and biegungen curator Mathias Maschat. Three different groups will perform on all evenings, complemented by some shorter solo sets.

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