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book premiere with Wolf R. Eisentraut | Moderator: Danuta Schmidt

In a loose chronological order, Wolf R. Eisentraut reports on his dealings with political and economic constraints, on gaining intellectual freedom and professional ethics. On the basis of concrete events and plans, he thinks objective processes and subjective experiences together, depicting the pleasure and frustration of the architect's life in two social systems.

He repeatedly deals with type planning in the GDR, but also with the profit-oriented construction of the present. And he gives insights into how architecture is created. The historical periods structuring his life and work correspond to the three main chapters »Becoming«, »Working« and »Further building«.

Whether on the North Sea or on Usedom, on the Brocken or in Saxony, but above all in Berlin one encounters structural evidence of the architect, who describes how he grew into the profession and saw it as a vocation.

The entertaining texts are illustrated with images of completed buildings or working sketches. The diversity of the building tasks reflected in this shows a fulfilled and creative life, which made Wolf R. Eisentraut happy not only as an architect in the state-owned and in private offices, but also as a university teacher, stage designer, moderator, publicist and even bricklayer.

(Program in German)
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