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The BerlinKreativ is a public fair, which is aimed at all who have a desire to tinker and be creative. Over 140 exhibitors present in the Arena Berlin current trends, innovative products and many workshops .

In addition, there is also again the cake fair Berlin. Here there is for creative cake fans everything around baking, snacking and decorating.

Theme offers
  • Craft & hobby supplies
  • Buttons, haberdashery & sewing accessories
  • Painting & drawing accessories
  • Paper & Origami
  • Fabrics & Patchwork
  • Beads, Gemstones & Jewelry
  • Scrapbooking & Stamps
  • Wool, Yarn & Felt
  • Embroidery & Diamond Painting
  • Ceramics & Glasswork
  • Baking & Cake Supplies
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