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This year's Jazzwoche Berlin will once again feature discourse events, podcasts, guided tours and more in addition to the numerous concerts. For the first time, the focus of the content will be on a current key theme that is of particular importance to the scene: SPACES.

Taking space, having space, opening up new spaces and maintaining existing spaces, both physical and ideal, creative ones. What spaces are needed for a sustainable and diverse jazz and improv scene in Berlin? How can spaces be made affordable for organizers, musicians and audiences in the long term?

Opening of Jazzwoche Berlin #5
Jazzwoche Berlin #5 will open on Friday, June 30 at 7:30 pm at gretchen. In addition to various musical acts, there will also be an opportunity for discourse and exchange, a reception with snacks and drinks, and a party afterwards.

Musicians and organizers can meet with their audience, with colleagues from other disciplines, with politicians and actors from Berlin's cultural life: a celebration of jazz, improvised music and contemporary music. Admission is free.

7 days of discourse
In addition to the focus on SPACES, other topics will be discussed: Fee floors, social security for artists:inside, sustainability of funding, an intersectional view of the scene, the preservation of existing structures and the creation of something new, and much more. We want to discuss and productively argue about this, stay in dialogue with politics and civil society, create new access points, break down barriers and inspire people for jazz.

7 days of music
Internationally, Berlin continues to be one of the most interesting cities for jazz and improvised music musicians. Genre boundaries lose their meaning here, styles continue to develop, and there is an impressive spectrum of musical directions from mainstream to avant-garde. And most importantly, jazz and improvised music can be heard, seen and experienced live 365 days a year at a wide variety of venues in every neighborhood of the capital.

And that's exactly what Jazzwoche Berlin highlights in a concentrated week. The decisive factor here is that the clubs and promoters act together without competition during this week, similar to a large, independent collective of curators in the jazz city of Berlin, in order to present their unique program to the audience at the most diverse venues and in the most diverse facets.

In addition, during Jazzwoche Berlin #5 on Monday, 3 July 2023, the Jazzpreis Berlin will be awarded for the seventh time, presented by the Berlin Senate and Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb). The 2023 prize winner is the vibraphonist, marimba player, composer and bandleader Taiko Saito.

These venues and projects are already confirmed as participants:
b-flat / Berlin Solo Impro / Chess & Jazz Berlin / Donau115 / gretchen / greve Studio / Grünauer Jazz Bühne / In Spirit / Jazz am Helmholtzplatz / Jazz am Kaisersteg / Jazzexzess / Jazzkollektiv Berlin / Jazzlights at Glühlampe / Das Jazzschloss / Kühlspot Social Club / Kunstfabrik Schlot / Orania. Berlin / Orville's / PANDAJAZZ / Peppi Guggenheim / rejazz- festival / Yorckschlösschen / Zig Zag Jazz Club / Zukunft am Ostkreuz and many more.

7 days of jazz, improvised music and discourse.

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