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Berlin 1930: The American writer Clifford Bradshaw comes to Berlin, a liberal and open-hearted metropolis with a fascinating artistic scene, but crisis-torn by poverty and political unrest. He lives and writes at the Nollendorfplatz, and throws himself with the showgirl Sally Bowles into the lascivious nightlife.

Berlin 2023: In TIPI AM KANZLERAMT the legendary BAR JEDER VERNUNFT production by American star choreographer and stage director Vincent Paterson is now being shown again. The story of the happy-go-lucky dancer Sally Bowles in the glittery, seamy milieu of the Roaring Twenties in Berlin, is one that still fits in perfectly to contemporary Berlin.

The musical about love, passion and desperation against the backdrop of the rise of fascism is based on the autobiographical stories in the novel Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood.

Experience the much-celebrated CABARET production at the original venue in Berlin.

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Additional information
Director and choreographer: Vincent Paterson

Musical Director of the premiere: Adam Benzwi

Associate for Vincent Paterson: Mette Berggreen

Script by Joe Masteroff – after the play “I am a Camera” by John van Druten and the stories by Christopher Isherwood

Music by John Kander - Song lyrics by Fred Ebb - German texts by Robert Gilbert
Participating artists
Lutz Deisinger (Künstlerische Gesamtleitung)
Sven Herzel (Licht)
Stefanie Krimmel (Kostümbild)
Damian Omansen (Musikalische Einstudierung & Leitung)
Paulina Plucinski (Choreographische Einstudierung & Dance Captain)
Thimo Pommerening (Szenische Einstudierung, Spiel & Produktionsleitung)
Dirk Schröder (Technische Einrichtung)
Danny Selinger (Ton)
Beatrice Steppa (Maskenbild)
Damian Omansen
Dragan Radosavievich
Christian Runge
Daniel Busch
Christian Fischer
Friedrich Milz
Björn Sickert
Caspar Hachfeld
Julian Kirchmer
Jasmin Eberl (Sally Bowles)
Paulina Plucinski (Sally Bowles)
Linda Rietdorff (Sally Bowles)
Alexander Donesch (Clifford Bradshaw)
Luca Schaub (Clifford Bradshaw)
Florian Stanek (Conférencier)
Oliver Urbanski (Conférencier)
Regina Lemnitz (Fräulein Schneider)
Barbara Schnitzler (Fräulein Schneider)
Peter Rühring (Herr Schultz)
Dirk Schoedon (Herr Schultz)
Anja Karmanski (Fräulein Kost)
Jacqueline Macaulay (Fräulein Kost)
Julie Wolff (Fräulein Kost)
Torsten Stoll (Ernst Ludwig)
Luca Schaub (Ernst Ludwig)
Julian Bender (Kit Kat Girls (Helga, Mausi, Lulu und Frenchie))
Sarah Fleige (Kit Kat Girls (Helga, Mausi, Lulu und Frenchie))
Robert Lankester (Kit Kat Girls (Helga, Mausi, Lulu und Frenchie))
Kiara Lillian (Kit Kat Girls (Helga, Mausi, Lulu und Frenchie))
Tara Randell (Kit Kat Girls (Helga, Mausi, Lulu und Frenchie))
Cornelia Drese (Fräulein Schneider)