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On the traces of crimes, court cases and places of execution in Old-Berlin

The criminal tour in the evening hour by the old part of town of Berlin between holy spirit chapel, Nikolai up to monastery quarter tells before the original scenes of the legal history and where in the old Berlin the places of execution were like the Rabenstein and the court arbour.

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Zur letzten Instanz © Bärentouren

These were the subject of very brutal judgments for today's performance and their execution was carried out publicly, such as the wheeling of the widow Meyer in 1837 on the "Teufels Lustgarten", as the last public place of justice in Berlin was popularly called.

Learn about the most famous criminal cases in the city's history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century on this tour. Immerse yourself in the dark side of the city during the exciting guided tour to the gruesome abysses of Berlin.

(This tour is only German guided)
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