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glanz&krawall music and theater festival - Vol. 4: Wozzeck

With BERLIN is not BERLIN, Berlin's anarchic music and theater festival hits the Trabrennbahn Karlshorst in August 2023. Vol. 4 leaves the works of Richy Wagner behind and dares a BRANDNEW START in the racetrack mud with Alban Berg's opera Wozzeck.

In front of the panorama of the approaching home hell, music acts and actors of the free performing arts present their reworkings of the material for three days and nights.

After the Anti- Festspiele 2019-21 have worked their way through major cultural events such as Bayreuth, Bregenz and Rock am Ring, they are now turning their attention to Berlin as a cultural location.

BERLIN is not BERLIN asks what factors life, living and working in the capital are subject to. In view of rising rents and the disappearance of cultural niches, feelings of being driven mingle with those of alienation.

What prospects do we have in this city - and how do we reclaim them? The most driven of the drama and opera characters, Wozzeck and Marie, are the starting point for questions about displacement, precarious work and self-exploitation.

The 5 world premieres will be staged in parallel on the racecourse, spectator:inside grandstand, in the rustic beer garden and on the paddocks by experts of the OpenAir-Remmi-Demmis in actions, performances, stagings and concerts.

The Wozzeck splinters of the inclusive band 21 Downbeat, the music theater combo glanz&krawall, the Orient-Okzident ensemble Babylon ORCHESTRA, the protest opera LauraTibor and the Rumpel Pumpel street theater fit together like a puzzle in the minds of the spectators.

Thus - extended by the inclusive party series SPACESHIP - a total work of art is created in the sense of an opera for all, which tells more about the reality of our lives than the completed work of a single "genius".

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