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Berlin's clubs set the beat of the city

Berlin's club scene is legendary - the history of Berlin's clubs closely linked to the history of the city. Risen from Ruins is the name of one of the first EPs of the Tresor club, one of many locations that defined the feeling of freedom after the fall of the Wall. Many of the clubs of that time have disappeared today - but the scene is alive and celebrates the reputation of the techno capital with long lines outside the door of Berghain, revealing outfits at KitKat and nights that last from Friday night until Monday morning. With around 58,000 club events a year, there's plenty to choose from: from techno & electro to hip-hop & soul, to pop and indie rock, Berlin's clubs play music to suit every taste. There are also frequent events, readings, dance lessons and more, because Berlin's clubs are also cultural venues. Party in beach bars, LGBTQ+ clubs or above the rooftops of Berlin. The city never sleeps - but the residents do. Please be considerate!