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Holzmarkt 25
Holzmarkt seen from the Spree © Studio Eyecandy/Holzmarkt 25


Art, culture and culinary delights

Since 2012, the cooperative urban quarter "Holzmarkt 25" has existed directly on the banks of the Spree in Berlin. It all started with just a few tents and balloons on a dusty sandy ground. Hundreds of Berliners and party guests flocked to the Holzmarkt site in Friedrichshain on the opening day. And they brought plants with them to fill the area with new life. 

The project shows how user-driven urban development can work. This used to be the site of the Mörchenpark, whose grassed shore area is still freely accessible today and is maintained by two gardeners from the cooperative. It's a good place to have a cool drink and enjoy the beautiful view over the Spree. Plenty of seating has been created for visitors to the Holzmarkt. The reed-covered shallow bank with a beaver exit and jetty landscape shows that sustainability is a top priority.

Holzmarkt 25
Bank of the Holzmarkt © Studio Eyecandy/Holzmarkt 25

What is the Holzmarkt?

Perhaps the question should be: What is it not? On more than 12,000 sqm, the Holzmarktquartier offers spaces for concerts, art and culture, gastronomy, original shops and small businesses from the creative sector. Whether you're looking for a nice beer garden or a trendy concert venue, the Holzmarkt combines the various offerings. Street art gives the buildings in the area a colourful and lively appearance. In addition to clubs and restaurants, the Holzmarkt site is also home to a daycare centre, an event agency, a recording studio, a music school, a coworking space and the Eyecandy photo studio.

The locations of the Holzmarkt at one glance:

  • On the so-called market square in the centre of Holzmarkt there is, among other things, the beer garden "Spreelunke", a bakery called "Die Backpfeife", the café "Holzmarktperle" and a wine shop
  • The restaurant "Katerschmaus" is located in the riverside area and has a nice deck for sitting outside with a view of the Spree.  
  • One of the main buildings houses the "Säälchen" theatre and the "Salöön" lounge
  • The techno club "Kater Blau" and the associated restaurant "Fame" are located at the level of the railway viaduct

Not only in summer, but also in the cold time of the year there is a lot to experience at the Holzmarkt. The annual Christmas market on the grounds of the Holzmarkt enjoys great popularity!