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Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Kulturbrauerei Berlin © TLG-Immobilien


Theatre and parties instead of hops and malt

Once they brewed beer here – nowadays it’s culture, and in every variety. On the site of the KulturBrauerei, vats and barrels have been replaced by a cinema, clubs, a museum and restaurants.


Once they brewed beer here – nowadays it’s culture, and in every variety. On the site of the KulturBrauerei, vats and barrels have been replaced by a cinema, clubs, a museum and restaurants. Cheers!

What is the KulturBrauerei?

The sprawling complex consists of six courtyards with 20 buildings made of red and yellow clinker. In the early 1990s clubs, restaurants and theatres opened on the freshly renovated former site of the Schultheiss brewery.
If you look closely, the original lettering on the historic facades will tell you what each building was once used for.

And what goes on there?

Clubs and parties
The former boiler house and machinery building are now popular clubs that are an integral part of Berlin’s night life. The SODA is one of Berlin’s biggest clubs, where partygoers dance to pop and disco – and the hot rhythms of salsa and merengue. The nights are long and the beats are loud at the Alte Kantine on Hungry Monday or at *Kantine Deluxe*. The Frannz Club is a not only a club, but also a restaurant, beer garden and lounge, as well as a great big living room for watching detective shows, football and the Eurovision Song Contest live on TV.

Hof der KulturBrauerei

And before the party?

  • Cinema in the KulturBrauerei
    The CineStar has eight screens showing the latest blockbusters, as well as more intellectual films, dubbed into German.
  • Theater RambaZamba
    At the Theater RambaZamba, people with all kinds of disabilities perform plays influenced by their own personal experience.
  • P.A.N.D.A.
    The P.A.N.D.A. group not only performs Russian theatre, but is a home to all art forms, characterised by dialogue between east and west.  
  • Literaturwerkstatt
    Literaturwerkstatt is devoted to encouraging new talent. Its open mike competition is one of the most important in the industry.

And during the day?

  • Museum at the KulturBrauerei
    A permanent exhibition with objects, documents and films gives you a taste of daily life in East Germany.
  • Food market
    Every Sunday, the trucks from Street Food auf Achse roll up to the courtyard, serving delicious street food.
Christmas market in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin

And what else?

  • Walpurgis Night
    With a big bonfire in the courtyard of the KulturBrauerei, Berlin’s witches and night owls welcome in the spring and dance into May Day.
  • Lucia Christmas market
    The Scandinavian Lucia Christmas market in the courtyard is one of the most atmospheric and popular Christmas markets in Berlin.
  • New Year’s Eve at the KulturBrauerei
    Berlin’s biggest indoor New Year’s Eve party takes place in the clubs of the KulturBrauerei. On 15 dance floors, the DJs play all different kinds of music. At midnight there is a great firework display in the skies above the KulturBrauerei.

Even more information

  • TIC tourist information
    If there’s anything else you need to know, TIC tourist information will tell you about everything that’s going on in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow and Weißensee. Here you can also get the Berlin Welcome Card, the Museum Pass and a selection of information brochures, postcards, Berlin literature, souvenirs and city maps.
  • What shall we do with the car? Parking at the KulturBrauerei
    The KulturBrauerei has a paid car park with around 250 spaces directly below the cinema.
Eberswalder Strasse in Berlin

The KulturBrauerei and Kollwitzplatz

The best view of the buildings that make up the KulturBrauerei is when you stand on the corner of Schönhauser Allee and Sredzkistraße. Built in the 19th century, what used to be the large Schultheiss brewery is one of the few well-preserved industrial heritage sites in Berlin. If you carry on walking to Kollwitzplatz, you’ll find a huge selection of cafés and unique shops. It’s full of life!

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