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The night has always been a place for dreams, utopias, dark fantasies and desires. It stands for the subconscious, for excess, urges and the uncontrollable. In a highly structured everyday society like ours, the night appears to be one of the few places that defies the constant availability dictated by the market.

Or at least this is the myth which is of no small concern for Berlin’s night-life, too. But most people’s reality is quite different: The night has its own part to play in our exploitation industry; it is an indispensable time of rest where we regenerate our strength for more work. At the same time, the apparent non-structurability of the night is reflected in the precarious working conditions of those who have to work throughout it.

In an eight-hour journey through the night, Norwegian director Heiki Riipinen, his team and the audience will explore the myths and constraints of the dark side of our world. Who owns the night? And who owns our dreams?

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Participating artists
Von Sonja Ferdinand und Ensemble (Autor/in)
Pauline Knof
Dragongirl Dragongirl (Live-Musik)
Heiki Riipinen
Sara Midtskogen Haave
Esther von der Decken
Dragongirl Dragongirl
Robert Matysiak
Johannes Nölting
Armin Hokmi