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How much art in the garden can monument protection tolerate?

The Friends of the Gardens of the World association invites anyone interested to a workshop on the topic of “Garden Art - Art in the Garden” in the “Garden Art in Dialogue” series. Designing parks and gardens is an art. And what would these be without art objects? In the workshop, the topic of garden art is looked at from different directions and the topic of art in gardens and parks is discussed as an important design element.

In addition to the question “How much art in the garden can monument protection tolerate?”, we look beyond the boundaries of parks and gardens: What role does contemporary garden art play, for example in the conversion of abandoned industrial sites, or what role can landscape architecture play in the context of crime prevention?

This workshop is aimed at visitors to gardens and parks to sharpen their eye for art, but also at artists and everyone who is involved in the design of parks and landscapes.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and takes place in the conference hall of the Gardens of the World Visitor Center, Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin.

A special regulation applies at the Blumberger Damm entrance for guests who do not have a season ticket for the Gardens of the World. Admission is covered by the Friends of the Gardens of the World e.V. association in cooperation with Grün Berlin GmbH.

Drinks and snacks during breaks are available.

Due to limited space, timely registration via email is mandatory.