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tutti d*amore entered into a dialogue with an AI and asked whether it had a desire to be human. The result is the character VERONIKA, who, as the protagonist of a miniature opera, questions the meaning and nonsense of COMMON SENSES and thus also what distinguishes her from us humans.

Veronika is both a bon vivant and a suicidal person, but the reality of her existence lies in her past. Veronika is not a real person at all. That is, in a way. She has a human body, she can speak, think and feel. So everything that people can do. But Veronika only borrowed the human body. Veronika is an AI, an artificial intelligence, a machine. And so she is definitely not human. Or is it?

Anna Weber has created texts and libretti from the dialogue with AI in which human existence becomes an exhibit in the panopticon of the AI world and at the same time its place of longing. Josef Maria Loibner's electroacoustic compositions bring life and emotions to the machine texts. The embodiment of Caroline Schnitzer allows Veronika to become a human being before our eyes.

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