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The African Food Festival Berlin invites all food and culture enthusiasts to be there in the heart of the city at the Gleisdreieckpark in the Jules B-Part.

The African Food Festival Berlin (AFFB) has the motto "representation of diversity" and aims to focus on the culinary treasures of African national cuisines.

The festival deliberately goes beyond clichés and presents a wide range of taste experiences. In addition to traditional dishes and new vegan African Fusion concepts, visitors are offered various grilled specialties.

A highlight of the BBQ Edition are the Suya kebabs at the Nigeria stand, which are offered with beef, chicken and tofu.
Suya is a traditional West African spice from Nigeria, consisting of a blend of ground peanuts and roasted spices such as garlic, onion, paprika, pepper, ginger, chili and salt.
The different spices and flavors give the Suya skewers an intriguing balance of tasty, hot and slightly smoky flavors.

South Africa will also be presenting its braai specialties such as boerewors (farmer's sausage), peri peri chicken and peri peri mealie (corn on the cob) with a typical South African homemade chili sauce.

In addition to the culinary experience, the festival also offers the African Goods Market, where young entrepreneurs and designers present their "made in Africa" and "African inspired" products from the areas of fashion, design, jewellery, home decor, food, beauty, Present children's articles and literature.

The market is known for its unique and diverse offerings from small businesses whose value chain lies in the countries of origin.

In addition, sustainable fashion upcycling concepts are presented, which focus on the recycling of textiles. Products from brands from Nairobi, Accra and Lagos are presented alongside black businesses from Berlin.

The AFFB's musical program is thrilling and ranges from Afrobeats, Amapiano, Afrohouse, Highlife and Afro Trap to HipHop.
Berlin DJs ensure the best atmosphere and the festival aims to have at least 50% of the booked DJs female to strengthen and celebrate the presence of women in the music industry.

Since 2016, the African Food Festival Berlin has been celebrating the diversity of African culture and cuisine as well as current trends from the continent and the diaspora in the areas of music, art, literature, fashion and design.

The AFFB has established itself as the largest festival for modern African culture and cuisine in Berlin and invites people of all backgrounds to discover and enjoy the rich diversity of Africa.
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5€ (Kids under 12 years free)