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If the light is still on in the Transleramt, the people know: Bundestranslerin Margot Schlönzke is brooding over the redesign of her Q*binett. To help her mind flourish after a long day of gray appointments, she turns this application process into her own little sparkling show.

In the evening, politicians from all parties are asked for a detailed and profound individual discussion. Over tea and biscuits, Schlönzke puts the applicants to the test in a relaxed, glittering show atmosphere, takes them to court in a tough, entertaining manner, has their perspectives and positions explained to them, and questions them: critically, tunically and playfully cheeky. No iron is too hot and no party program is safe from the queer check-up of the federal transler.

The people are always at her side in an advisory capacity: her frenzied reporter Jacky Oh-Weinhaus in the field service conscientiously collects voices and opinions, which the guests have to face up to and not owe an answer.

In the Transleramt itself, the politicians applying have to prove their skills in their specialist areas, because here they meet the most competent voters in 1-on-1 discussions. Ultimately, the audience decides whether the Bundestranslerin should recommend the applicants.

Politically critical and entertainingly funny, the political ambitions of the guests are made understandable on the one hand and checked for applicability on the other.

The SchattenQ*abinett is a hybrid event with a live and online audience, on stage and in the stream of the BKA-Theater.

A travesty show for Germany: TfD with Margot Schlönzke and Jacky-Oh Weinhaus

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