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Tech Open Air: The Future of Tech, Work & Life

TOA, Europe's leading technology festival, takes place this summer with a conference on 5 and 6 July at Berlin's Wilhelm Hallen and many satellite events from 5 to 7 July.

TOA (Tech Open Air) provides a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration, bringing together tech experts, innovators, enthusiasts and start-ups from different industries.

Actors of technological change and representatives from different disciplines come together to discuss the future of music, art, technology and science.

TOA focuses on the impact of technology on society and explores the potential of technological solutions to global challenges.

The mission: to help people future-proof their business and lives.

Nearly 100 speakers will share their insights on how the world is evolving and how we can use technology to better harness and understand change. In addition to the two-day conference programme, TOA hosts satellite events across the city.

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