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Clever Pit, narcissistic Eleonore and lazy Paul are three little pigs working together on a construction site. However, their harmonious everyday life falls apart when they learn of the arrival of the big bad wolf.

To protect themselves from him, they want to build a safe house -- but they can't agree on the material. Paul wants cozy straw, Eleonore wants elegant wood - and Pit prefers solid stone. After an inconclusive argument, each of the little pigs builds their own dream house. But in the end, the three friends have to realize that they can only successfully defend themselves against the wolf together.

Director Stefan Kreissig and his conceptually involved ensemble bring the classic British fairy tale from the late 19th century to the stage, carefully modernized in terms of content with a surprising new ending and numerous innovative ideas. For example, the three little pigs that give the game its name are embodied alternately by the two players Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff and Mathieu Pelletier. The production, which is not only minimalist in terms of personnel, also manages almost without any props and, in combination with Pelletier's entertaining pantomime interludes, leaves plenty of room for the child's imagination to develop.

In addition, the piece offers a number of interaction options for the audience, who can, for example, experience the building materials used or dance along eagerly to the “Wolfs Blues”. The narrative of the story is driven by the incisive compositions of cellist Herdieckerhoff and ukulele and ocarina player Pelletier, who created their own distinctive motif for each of the characters.

There are also catchy songs to sing along with and participate in, which contribute to an entertaining production about the value of friendship and solidarity for the very young theatergoers.