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„Cross Country“ Tour 2023

The guitarist and composer Tal Arditi is one of the figureheads of the young Israeli jazz scene. As a "child prodigy" on the guitar, he began studying at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the age of 16, graduating two years later, moving first to Switzerland and soon after to Berlin, where he became part of the scene made a name for himself and is now a regular guest at popular jazz clubs and festivals.

During the pandemic, with no tour in sight or a stage to play, Tal began writing lyrics and producing his own music. In 2022, his debut EP Cross Country was released and Tal was immediately signed to Swiss indie label Mouthwatering Records (home of Black Sea Dahu and a host of other folk and rock acts).

Tal's sound is somewhere between Jose Gonzales, Nick Drake and Tash Sultana, with vocals influenced by Patrick Watson. His evocative lyrics describe his struggles, obsessions, passions and fears. They give a glimpse of what it means to lose yourself over and over again only to find yourself again through music.

"It's magic." (Indie Shuffle) - "He sounds great." (Pat Metheny)

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