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Brian Fennell, the Seattle-based multi-talent, is an extremely successful solo artist under the name SYML. His hits like "Where's My Love" or "I Wanted To Leave" move somewhere between singer-songwriter school, piano ballads and folktronica. His voice can sound delicate and mysterious like a Bon Iver, but always has a very unique color that is hard to compare with others.


SYML latest songs, like the sadly beautiful ballad "Howling", he recorded with the two singers of Lucius. On "Lost Myself", SYML is joined by velvet voice Guy Garvey, who is otherwise on the mic with Elbow.

In March 2023 it will finally be possible to listen to Brian Fennell as SYML live again. A gig that should not be missed, because his songs develop live again a very different closeness and intensity.

When SYML is on stage in Berlin, he will also perform completely new music live, because the release of his next album "The Day My Father Died" is planned for February 2023. Some songs, including "Howling", already let you listen deep inside the musician in advance. On his new work SYML presents himself as intimate as never before and thus creates very special concert moments.

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